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Specialized Training

Specialized Training

The courses are conducted for individual officers participating in peacekeeping operations in the capacity of Military Observers and Staff Officers. Besides this, some of the specialized courses are conducted to prepare competent instructors for the BPOTC, those training are conducted in this center in the support of Global Peace Operation Initiatives (GPOI), an US funded program. From this year the center has started conducting UNMO and UNSOC utilizing its own resources (instructors and all required material).

The Specialized courses that are conducted include:

  1. United Nations Military Observer's Course (UNMO)
  2. United Nations Peacekeeping Operations Instructor’s Course (UNPKOIC)
  3. United Nations Staff Officer’s Course (UNSOC)
  4. United Nations Logistic Officer’s Course (UNLOG)
  5. United Nations Civil Military Liaison Officer’s Course (UNCMLO)
  6. United Nations Protection of Civilian (TOT)(UNPOC)(TOT)
  7. United Nations Peacekeeping Operations Contingent Commander’s Course (UNPKOCCC)

Duration of these courses are from 2 – 3 weeks at the most.

UNDPKO recognizes the PDT and UN Staff Officers Course Conducted in BPOTC

The United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations has recently verified and provided the Training Recognition to the Contingent Pre-deployment Training and United Nations Staffs Officers Course conducted by the BPOTC.

COAS's Speech

"There is no question that as UN peacekeeping continues to evolve, so will the training needs of UN peacekeepers. Hence, peacekeeping training should have a systematic approach in order to develop training standards, policies, guidance and best practices for the trainers. Only the outcome of such training can help to meet the mission requirements."

Coverage of Shanti Prayas III by Nepalese National Media
Coverage of Shanti Prayas III by Nepalese National Media
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