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Peacekeeping Operations Contingent Commander Course(PKOCC)

a. General Information :United Nations Peacekeeping Operations Contingent Commander Course (PKOCC) with cooperation with Global Peace Operation Initiative (GPOI) US Pacific command will be conducted at Birendra Peace Operation Training Center(BPOTC). Participants 20 Officers from Nepalese Army and 10 officers from Abroad are scheduled to take Part.

b. Course schedule: 4th Sept 2017

c. Course Objectives: To prepare future commanders for complex peacekeeping operations both, for UN operations and other multi-national operations. The course lasts ten working days. After completing the course, participants are more knowledgeable about what will be expected of them as contingent commanders. They will also be more prepared to lead contingents, battalions, and sector formations in complex peacekeeping missions.

Speech on 50th anniversary

Sixty years ago, a small group of international military observers were dispatched by the Security Council to supervise an uneasy cease fire between the new state of Israel and its Arab neighbors. His first peacekeeping mission was an experiment never envisaged by the founders of the United Nations.

COAS's Speech

"There is no question that as UN peacekeeping continues to evolve, so will the training needs of UN peacekeepers. Hence, peacekeeping training should have a systematic approach in order to develop training standards, policies, guidance and best practices for the trainers. Only the outcome of such training can help to meet the mission requirements."

Coverage of Shanti Prayas III by Nepalese National Media
Coverage of Shanti Prayas III by Nepalese National Media
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