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Pre-deployment Training for Nepal police and Armed Police Forces conducted at BPOTC

From 14 to 21 January 2018 an Integrated Pre-deployment training (Training of the Trainers) for 11 Nepal police and 22 Armed Police Forces participants was conducted at BPOTC. A Week long training was designed and conducted in 3 different phases. First phase was the Peacekeeping Operation Package on UN generic topics which included Protection of Civilians, Safety and security of Peacekeepers, UN logistics system, COE reimbursement and phase out plan, First Aid in the Field, Landmines and UXOs awareness etc. Second Phase was the Mission Specific Training designed for UNMISS mission as the trainees from Armed Police Force were going to be deployed in UNMISS Mission after the training. Finally, 4 days long lane training was conducted namely Check Point, Cordon and Search, Patrol and Distribution site Security as such tactical operations are the common tasks that is to be performed by both Military and Police components in the Mission area. The joint exercises was also conducted during the Lane training as most of the UN Missions today are Multidimensional Peacekeeping missions where all the mission components has to operate in an integrated manner.

On the official closing ceremony held on 21 January at the Center, Commandant of BPOTC, Colonel Nabin Silwal addressed the participants and stressed that the course was conducted according to the COAS command guidance and to develop the training center as a "Center of Excellence". He also highlighted the importance of an integrated approach in UN missions and urged for the continuation of Inter-Service Participation in such trainings in the future. Finally, the commandant awarded participants with the certificates of Completion and offered the token of remembrance to the representatives of Nepal police and Armed Police Forces.

Pub Date: 2018-02-02

Speech on 50th anniversary

Sixty years ago, a small group of international military observers were dispatched by the Security Council to supervise an uneasy cease fire between the new state of Israel and its Arab neighbors. His first peacekeeping mission was an experiment never envisaged by the founders of the United Nations.

COAS's Speech

"There is no question that as UN peacekeeping continues to evolve, so will the training needs of UN peacekeepers. Hence, peacekeeping training should have a systematic approach in order to develop training standards, policies, guidance and best practices for the trainers. Only the outcome of such training can help to meet the mission requirements."

Coverage of Shanti Prayas III by Nepalese National Media
Coverage of Shanti Prayas III by Nepalese National Media
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